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Kopan Monastery Pictures
Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Retreat in Nepal

Pictures from Kopan Monastery,
2005 Lam Rim Buddhist Meditation Retreat

Pictures by Debra Hanus, who attended the annual one month meditation retreat at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, November/December 2005.

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  Note from Debra: Everyday since I returned from the Lam Rim I would check this site for new postings hoping to catch glimpses of my new friends. I miss my teachers, my fellow course members, the monks and the incredible atmosphere of Kopan itself. This site is a bridge between my world and that world. Since I had some really incredible photos of people whom I do not know how to contact but feel they would like to see themselves this was my motivation for sending them...

The picture below shows a woman in green drawing Shakyamuni Buddha. She was incredibly generous in that she was teaching ANYONE and EVERYONE how to draw Shakyamuni Buddha. She had posted a note on the bulletin board and had such in incredible response that she conducted the class on the rooftop three or four different times. I am sorry I donít know her name.

More pictures from Kopan Monastery and the 2005 Lam Rim meditation retreat...

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