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Kopan Monastery
Tibetan Buddhism Meditation Retreat

In the shadows of the Himalayas, high on a hill overlooking Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, is Kopan Monastery.

About Kopan Monastery

30 Days To Enlightenment - It's the next best thing to being at Kopan!

Once the home of the astrologer to the king of Nepal, Kopan is a now a thriving monastery of over 300 monks, and a spiritual oasis for hundreds of visitors yearly from around the world.

Under the guidance of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the reincarnation of the Lawudo Lama, a yogi of the tiny hamlet of Lawudo, Kopan has been offering insight to Western students since 1969.

Each year in November, around 200 students from around the world travel to Kopan monastery for one month of meditation and insight into the Dharma. Visit the official Kopan Monastery web site for more info

Who can attend?

This meditation course is suitable for both newcomers to Buddhism, as well as older students. It's an excellent introduction to the theory and practice of Tibetan Buddhism as well as an opportunity for more advanced students to deepen one's understanding and acquire more experience of the teachings.

Students live in shared rooms or dormitories, some camp in tents around the monastery grounds. Vegetarian meals are included (most agree, including vegetarian newcomers, that the food is incredible!). Three meals per day are served, except during the last two weeks when only two meals will be taken before noon.

To get an idea of what a 'day in the life' of a Kopan monastery retreat would be like, see the video documentary that was filmed at Kopan during the one month Lam Rim retreat.
Kopan monastery meditation retreat video

When is the next retreat?

  • Annual November One-Month Meditation Course
    November - December

    "The course is based on the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, which form a complete and gradual spiritual path (Lam Rim), leading to ultimate happiness and enlightenment. Through cultivating an awareness of our present conditions we gain an understanding of the nature of our dissatisfaction and unhappiness, the causes of these states of mind and how we can overcome them. We can then direct our energy to deal effectively with any situation be it positive or negative."

    The course follows the Tibetan Gelug Tradition of Buddhism, and is based on Lama Tsong Khapa's Graduated Path to Enlightenment (Lam Rim), one of the most important texts of the Gelug Tradition.

    The cost of the course includes dormitory accommodation, all meals, course material, a course administration fee (which covers travel for teachers, course preparation and material and administration expenses). Please see the Kopan Monastery website for more information.

    Ven. Gyatso (Adrian Feldman) has been appointed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to lead this year's course. Teaching in his own inimitable style, he opens new perspective on how to live life in a kind and compassionate way.

    Registration and Information page

  • Discovering Buddhism ~ Short Introductory Meditation Courses
    Regular 10 day introductory courses are held throughout the year. The courses give an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, teach meditation skills and include a two day analytical and single pointed meditation retreat. The courses are led by Western sangha, with daily teachings from a Tibetan Lama. If you are just interested in Buddhism, or experience problems in your life such as uncontrolled emotions, dissatisfaction, etc - this course will give you some skills to address these problems and make your life more fulfilling and meaningful.

    The daily schedule consists of sessions of meditation, teachings and discussion groups. The course leader as well as the Tibetan Lamas of the monastery are available for personal guidance. The daily programme starts at 6.30 am and finishes at 9 pm. The participants are expected to attend all session. Half day silence is kept as a course discipline.

    10 day course includes meals, course material and accommodation in dormitory.

    Kopan Monastery Information page

  • Three Month Vajrasattva Retreat
    Following the annual one month meditation course is the annual three-month Vajrasattva retreat. The retreat starts around mid January. The exact date of the retreat has not yet been set. Please check again later in the year. The retreat follows a strict schedule of 4 sessions a day (no teachings).

    The retreat is open only to students who have previously attended the one month meditation course at Kopan, or have done a similar Lam Rim course, such as the FPMT Discovering Buddhism course in a center or as home study. Preferably the applicant should have received the Vajrasattva Initiaton with commitment to do retreat. Applications are accepted from September.

    Registration and Information page

  • FPMT Basic Program at Kopan
    This is an intensive Buddhist study program. Learn all about transforming your mind from self centered to other-centered motivation. Be inspired to follow the perfect example of those who have made this transformation. Hear about the qualities of the enlightened mind, and how to attain these qualities in our own mind.

    In past three years Ven. Fedor has taught several modules of the Basic Program, such as the Middle Lam Rim, Lorig, Tenets, heart sutra, Bodhisattvas Way of Life etc. Those who attended his classes were impressed by the clarity and depth of his teachings, and by his dedication to make the subjects accessible to everybody. The program is very intensive, as in a relatively short time much ground is covered.

  • A Place for Rest and reflection
    In between courses, you are welcome to stay at Kopan and enjoy the peace and quiet in a spiritual environment. You can participate in theteachings, meditations and discussion daily at 10 am, enjoy our wonderful library, or attend the prayersession of the monks.



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Buddhist meditation retreat: Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.
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